quarta-feira, 27 de maio de 2009

Intelligence Design

The Ivory Tower is Falling

Raise Your Hands to Heaven

Let's (Republican) Party


TAXonomy: Republican Evolution

Galloping Evolution

Taste of Evolution

American Walking

Bush of Life

"Squid" Evolution

Not so Frosty

Sou a Mônica

Maurício de Souza

Evolving Bot

Espera aí que vou dizer, meu bem.

Leaving Kansas

Ponderous Evolution

Not a Line, Sir

2005, Encyclopedia Britannica

Skeletons out off the Cupboard

Hulton Archive / Getty Images file

Creationist Involution

Homo interneticus

The Evolution of Robin Thicke

Bozo Evolution

Siganme los buenos

Conventional (Wrong) Human Evolution Depiction

Homeric Evolution

Evolutionary Justice